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Provide total project funding as Developer/Landlord when tenant desires to be a long term lease tenant.

Real Estate

Our real estate locator team plays a pivotal role in identifying potential properties for our tenant's specific usage throughout the USA. Our real estate team also engages our staff attorneys regarding real estate, negotiating, contracts, and closings.


In the design stage of our commercial real estate development projects for our tenants, our team of professionals utilizes site investigation data, Geotech data, phase 1ESA data, and other extracurricular data, to arrive at an approved site and architectural plans to accommodate regulatory and our tenant's prototype or suitable product. Our tasks typically include identifying, optimal locations, assessing zoning regulations, determining project, viability, and the result, detailed development and construction plans, and permitting.


During the engineering stage of our teams focus on translating conceptual plans into tangible structures. Our tasks encompass detailed site assessments, collaborating with architects, and ensuring compliance with local construction standards. Collective expertise ensures efficient project execution, fostering innovation and sustainability.


Our captive architecture and engineering team focuses strictly on designing projects to accommodate precisely our tenants' desired prototypical products. Our architectural team also provides review, discussion, and final permitting.  As well as indoctrination of the project and plans to our General Contracting Company and project managers.

Construction Management

We provide end-to-end construction management, overseeing projects from inception to completion, ensuring quality, budget adherence, and timely delivery.


Our General Contracting Company provides construction management and services from the commencement of construction surveying through to completion and certificate of occupancy. Our construction team consists of project managers, project coordinators, site superintendents, estimating, accounting, and subcontractors who travel as a team throughout the USA. Turnover on time, on budget, and quality control are the mainstays that our construction team lives by 24/7.

Company Prospectus.

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Comprehensive Planning.
Together, we meticulously analyze project requirements, assess market trends, and conduct thorough feasibility studies. Our collective expertise guides us in identifying optimal locations, understanding zoning regulations, and crafting detailed development plans.
Seamless Engineering.
Our collective efforts involve detailed site assessments, collaboration with architects, and adherence to construction standards. This integrated approach ensures that engineering considerations align with the overall project vision.
Timely Construction.
We manage contractors, oversee quality control, and adhere to project timelines while adapting to evolving construction dynamics. This synchronized approach contributes to the successful realization of innovative and high-quality structures.


Effective communication within our commercial real estate development team is the linchpin of our success. As a cohesive unit, we prioritize transparent and timely exchange of information among architects, engineers, project managers, and stakeholders. Regular team meetings and status updates ensure everyone is aligned with project goals, fostering a collaborative atmosphere.
Clear communication with clients and partners is equally paramount, enhancing trust and understanding throughout the development process. By maintaining an open dialogue, we navigate challenges, seize opportunities, and collectively contribute to the seamless execution of projects, resulting in successful and sustainable commercial real estate developments.